This award is open to Redwood High School Seniors student who meet the criteria as outlined below.

Applicant must:

  1. Be a senior of Redwood High School
  2. Pursue an education in the field of pharmacy or pharmacy tech at a university or  junior college in the fall semester  following graduation.
  3. Demonstrate involvement in extra curricular activities
  4. Possess a minimum grade point average of 3.5
  5. Submit a completed application to your counselor

College of the Sequoias

  1. Currently enrolled in courses towards the field of pharmacy .
  2. demonstrate involvement in extra curricular activities
  3. possess a minimum grade point average of 3.0
  4. submit a completed application to your counselor

Additional consideration will be given for extra curricular activities, community service, work ethic, family involvement, quality of essay, and a personal letter of recommendation.

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS (for both schools)

Applicant must submit (to their Scholarship Counselor at school):

  1. Completed application form including attached essay. (Request application form from school counselor or scholarship officer)
  2. A one-page letter of recommendation from a teacher who knows you well, submitted at the same time the application is submitted. The letter must be type written and signed by its author.
  3. Official transcript through senior year.


The JPM Memorial Scholarship Committee will review the applications according to the established guidelines. The committee consists of the Board of Directors of the Memorial Scholarship Foundation.


Per your school.


Congratulations to the Awardees! (Open the doc below)